We continually strive to become the leading provider of integrated logistics services in Denmark by staying at the forefront of innovation, commitment, passion, integrity and service excellence. In doing so, we strive to add value to our client’s businesses and to the overall growth of Global Atlantic Shipping Corp.

We will strengthen our leadership position in the market by leveraging our technology and the quality of our people to become the leading provider of value-added supply chain and logistics planning solutions for transportation worldwide.


Very good service

We strive to get every item to our customers for the first time, with the utmost care. Our minimum service level of 98.5% guarantees our customers a market-leading service for their mail, packages and parcels. We will always strive to help our customers with our dedicated and responsive support to stay on top of our service – providing them with complete peace of mind.

[services_box title=”OUR VALUES” text=”Our brand is what we do every day and our values set the tone for how we want our colleagues to get on with their job of keeping the “Delivered“ promise. Everything we do is what our paying customers and their customers want, built on a solid foundation of service. Our aim is to make every conceivable effort to ensure that our deliveries are delivered to their final destination in accordance with the level of service and with the utmost care. So we’re really saying, “If you want to be sure your post arrives on time, every time – Global Atlantic Shipping Corp it“. Our goal every day is to keep our promises so you can keep yours. It’s called Delivered exactly and it’s present in everything we do” icon=”thumbs-o-up” iconstyle=”alternative” align=”icontitlecenterparagraphleft”]

[services_box title=”OUR PHILOSOPHY” text=”Highly Secure: We always treat our customers’ packages as if they were our own, giving them real confidence in the seamless delivery of their packages. This is one of the reasons we are trusted to deliver identity documents to government.Customer Choice: We offer a wide range of services, whether consumer or business, designed for meet the needs of our customers. Regardless of the shape or size of our customers’ shipment, whether it’s a small letter, a large item that requires two-person delivery, or the installation of a kitchen, we we have the choice to respond to the demands of our clients Our values: Our brand is what we do every day and our values set the tone for how we want our colleagues to do their job, which is to keep the “Fulfilled“ promise.” icon=”arrows-alt” iconstyle=”alternative” align=”icontitlecenterparagraphleft”]