I am in business and my needs are more specialized. Why should I use Global Atlantic Shipping Corp?

Global Atlantic Shipping Corp is a third-party logistics service provider that manages freight shipments, cargo shipments (TL), international shipments, trade show shipments as well as speciality shipments. Our primary shippers are commercial customers, many of whom trust us several times a month to meet their shipping needs and reduce their supply chain costs. We integrate our proprietary technology solutions with the service provided by National Account Managers to provide an unmatched level of service at the lowest price available. Whatever your shipping problem is, we will find a cost-effective solution for you.

What are the estimated transit times?

Transit times depend on location, destination, service options, mode of transportation, weather, and carrier chosen at time of booking. Global Atlantic Shipping Corp strives to provide the most economical mode of transportation. Transit times are provided by the carriers and are estimated, not guaranteed.

Can I ship to a salon?

Yes, our carriers are experts in on-time shipping for trade shows, exhibitions and / or exhibitions. The shipment can be done in a warehouse or directly at the show, depending on the date and number of days of transit. Trade show shipments can be picked up and / or delivered to the exhibition site outside of regular business hours, but only when the dates of the exhibition require alternative programming.

What is Global Atlantic Shipping Corp shipping?

Global Atlantic Shipping Corp handles cargo shipments ranging from 100 lbs to 20,000 lbs. When the item that you need to be shipped or transported is too large to take to the post office or your local parcel company, freight is considered a more economical approach. Freight Shipping is the easiest way to move large and bulky items quickly and efficiently while keeping shipping costs low.

How are requests handled?

If your freight arrives damaged, it is important to accept the shipment in order to properly document the claim. A complaint must be filed within 48 hours of delivery and can be made directly online on our site. Global Atlantic Shipping Corp will liaise and assist the customer in processing the claim and filing all necessary documents, although we cannot guarantee that all claims will be accepted from the shipping company.

What happens if I receive an invoice directly from the carrier?

This usually happens when the FreightCenter BOL is not used at the time of pickup, resulting in a double booking in two systems and a change in shipping rates. Our freight brokers will take care of the paperwork promptly and ensure that charges are properly credited for your shipment as soon as they are notified. You just need to contact our customer service. They will tell you the best way to send us the invoice you received from the carrier.


Why did I receive a billing adjustment?

A billing adjustment represents a portion of the unpaid freight shipping costs as reported by the carrier. In the freight industry, another term for a billing adjustment is “chargeback”. Most billing adjustments are the result of incorrect weight communicated by the shipper. An incorrect class of transport and the need to add incidental charges for residential or limited access areas represent a significant percentage of billing adjustments.

How can I avoid receiving a billing adjustment?

When obtaining a freight quote, the type of product, weight, dimensions, location of collection and delivery, and distance all affect the cost of shipping. The best way to avoid any changes in shipping rates is to ensure that all information provided to Freight Center at the time of booking is complete and correct. When planning to ship your freight, be sure to be as honest and specific as possible about the content, size and weight of your freight.

What are the payment options?

Global Atlantic Shipping Corp accepts all major credit cards for freight shipments booked online or over the phone with a freight agent. Arrangements for other payment methods, such as national, international or commercial checks, are accepted on a case-by-case basis.


How can I track my shipment?

Enter your PRO number or shipment number to track the location of your shipment after pickup is complete. If you are having difficulty tracking your shipment on our website, please contact customer service.

What is a PRO number and how do I get one?

Carriers use a PRO number to organize and track the progress of each shipment. Your dedicated agent should be able to give you the PRO number of your shipment. If you have any issues tracking your shipment on our website, please contact customer service

What is proof of delivery?

Your driver will bring an acknowledgment of receipt with him. This proof of delivery is also called a bill of lading.

How can I check my shipping status?

The best way to check your shipping status may depend on the carrier you have selected. In some cases, your driver or Global Atlantic Shipping Corp agent will notify you prior to pickup or delivery.


How should I pack my freight?

A secure, well-packaged shipment is your best protection against potential damage to roads and warehouses. Please make sure all items shipped are properly and securely packaged to avoid damage. All cargo must be wrapped, crated or stacked and secured on pallets with tape, shrink wrap or peel-off tape. Improper packaging can reduce or void the carrier’s liability for any claim for damage or loss. Tags should be placed on each piece of cargo in multiple locations. offers tips to help you with proper palletizing, crating, skidding and packaging.

Does Global Atlantic Shipping Corp sell or provide packaging materials?

No. Global Atlantic Shipping Corp does not sell or provide packaging, your driver does not take with him the items used to properly package your freight. Before your driver arrives, your package must be securely attached to a pallet and protected against damage.

Where can I buy packaging materials?

Packaging materials can be found at any home improvement store or parcel shipping store.

How do I ship unpacked furniture?

The safest method of shipping is to use the white glove or blanket wrap service. With an additional cost, this shipping option includes secure packaging by a professional and secure carrier. Ask your Global Atlantic Shipping Corp agent for white glove or blanket packaging services.

Can I ship my motorcycle without a box?

Yes. Our motorcycle shipping specialists have custom pallets that allow safe transport and loading and unloading.


How far in advance should I schedule a pickup?

Depending on the time of the reservation in your time zone, we may try to accommodate same day pickup. Always speak directly to a Global Atlantic Shipping Corp agent for special arrangements and urgent reservations. Allow a 4 hour window for cargo pickup and note that most transportation companies organize the pickup in the afternoon and spend their mornings delivering cargo.

Do I have to be present at the pickup?

Someone who is authorized to sign the shipment and to Global Atlantic Shipping Corp BOL must be present at the time of pickup. If the driver arrives at the pick-up location and the freight is not ready or there is no one to sign the waybill, they will not normally wait. The pickup then needs to be reshipped, which some shipping companies charge a delivery fee to cover the extra time and miles.

Is my shipment automatically insured?

It is important to understand the difference between freight insurance and carrier liability. Standard freight liability insurance coverage offered by all carriers booked through Global Atlantic Shipping Corp is $ 0.10 cents per pound. This does not cover the value of most shipments. Global Atlantic Shipping Corp therefore offers its customers the option of purchasing additional freight insurance directly accessible during the freight submission and reservation process.

Who will transport my shipment?

We are a freight transportation broker that uses trucks from the largest and most reputable carriers. We ship thousands of loads via YRC, UPS and more. To see a list of available carriers and the shipping costs to move your freight, get a quote now. At Global Atlantic Shipping Corp, we showcase carrier options. You choose the carrier.

Are transit times guaranteed?

Delivery times are not guaranteed unless otherwise specified in the shipping quote option you select when booking shipping rates. All other delivery times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed, although they are normally reliable. Transit times for freight shipping begin the day after your freight is picked up.

What is a bill of lading?

A bill of lading is a mandatory standard document that provides the carrier and driver with all relevant information relating to shipping charges and information. These documents allow the shipping company and Global Atlantic Shipping Corp to process the invoice correctly. All parties involved must have a copy of the BOL (buyer, seller and carrier). It is very important that the Global Atlantic Shipping Corp BOL be handed over to the carrier at the time of pickup. Also keep a copy for your records. Failure to use our documents could cause more hassle and additional shipping costs for carriers.